Specialty Lawn Services

These specialty services are not included in our five-step program but can be applied as needed to ensure your turf remains healthy and strong all year long.

On top of our fertilizing services and landscaping services, we can address specific issues that may be happening in your lawn.

Grub Control

This application is recommended to prevent grubs from attacking your lawn all season long. The application is applied after the summer application or along with the summer application. A single application sometimes just isn't enough, so additional treatments may be necessary.

Winter Lime

This application raises the pH of your soil and aids in thatch decomposition. A pelletized, fortified lime is applied to neutralize the acidic soil. We recommend this be done annually.

Disease Control/Fungicides

This application stops the spread of disease and allows your to turf to recover and strengthen.

Vegetation Control

This application eliminates weeds and unwanted grasses from paved parking lots, sidewalks, fence lines and curbs.

Do you have something specific that needs to be addressed? Don't hesitate to ask a question.